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April 05, 2006


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I'm in da club and I'm raising a feminista, too. He just got his first doll yesterday.

love it! ditto to everything everyone else said!

I'm creating a list. For what, I don't know. But it's a list and it rocks.

I like to wear skirts, but I look hotter in pants.

Me too.

Love it. Am feminista, *and* mominista. I have superpowers: my boobs can feed babies and bring men to their knees. I can discuss the finer points of Plato and the merits of pablum. I wipe the shit, but don't take no shit. And I can do it all in heels, although I EXERCISE CHOICE and choose not to wear heels just right now because flats are more comfortable.

So there.

Hi, I'm Liz from below. Just so you know.

Righteous thoughts.

I may enjoy a pink cocktail but I can drink you under the table.

I like to eat burgers and drink beer. Screw the salad. :)

I'm a burgerista I guess?

Have always loved that t-shirt, ever since I saw it at my fifth or so pro-choice march on Washington with my entire family.

Give em hell, feminista!

Great Post. I don't know why people thing "Feminism" is a bad word.

I can open the door for myself, but I appreciate when you do it.

I am so a feminista...

I like the idea, but I have to confess...I don't even know what Sevens are. And I only recognize the name Manolo from the few episodes of Sex and the City that I caught. I'm feeling very TJ Maxx right now ;)

I think a line about being pro-choice would be a great addition. I'm not coming up with anything off the top of my head, but maybe someone else will be inspired.

I have just ruled this post mandatory reading for my chicky. Thanks! And here's to all the growing feminista's in the world.

I wear a bra, but that's only because I nursed 2 babies and my no-bra body no longer fills out my favorite sweater. but gimme one good reason and i'd burn it too!
GO GIRL! i love that list!

That's a priceless list!!! My brain is a little fried today...post magarita blues...I just can't seem to think of something witty to add....:(

I'm getting a kick out of these comments!

Your daughter is going to be a force to reckon with someday -- if she isn't already. heehee. She'll be just as sassy and spirited as her mommy!

My daughter cries when she gets dirty and skinsher knee.....then she gets up and does the same thing to the little boy who pushed her in the first place!

ROAR! (Can you hear all of super-women roaring!!!)

Excellent post...I always wanted to get my husband a t-shirt that said 'feminist chicks dig me' and then get a onesie for my daughter that said 'feminist chick'.

Yeah that's cute, but I'm pretty sure I'm not a feminista.

My daughter loves Belle and Sleeping Beauty, but Darth Vader too. She plays basketball in a skirt and digs for bugs in the backyard. Great post!

Ahem...well, you know how I feel about it, BUT...at least it doesn't say "feminazi"
...right? ;?)

I liked your post. Especially the part about listening to shit, but not putting up with it.

I am definitely part of that club!

Love love LOVE this post!!!

((searching websites for cheap flights, MS to the UK...))

Those are great!

Cool. :)

I actually had one of those shirts but on a baby onesie. So cute. it for my son Aidan when he was little.

That's awesome! If you're selling that shirt I'd love to buy one.

Oh, and my addition -

I vacuum the floor, but I also mow the lawn...

I might wear a skirt, but that doesn't mean I don't wear the pants around here....

Well, that could mean metaphorically shitting in the woods as well as literally.


YAY! Great post, lady. Though I *am* too squeamish to shit in the woods (yipes! I don't camp with bugs!)

Rock on! Love that! And I have actually shaved my head once in my lifetime (I recommend being no older than 19 for that trick!) it was liberating and weird all at the same time!

Oh girl. I love it. Is that a shirt your selling? Cool! Love the whole list and the others above me. Women Rock!

I pee sitting down, but that doesn't mean I'm too squeamish to shit in the woods.

I can say "please" and "thank you" and smile real pretty; I also know how to say "bug off, jerk" in ten different languages.

My daughters climb trees wearing dresses and gripping their Barbies.

My daughters like math and can name most of the insects around our house.

I do the laundry; I also install all the lighting fixtures and fix the broken garage door.

I wear pink silk stockings under my hiking boots.

No matter what our differences in religion, race, sexuality, parenting style, hair product usage, etc., etc., ultimately, I'm always on the side of my girl friends; right now, that's more important than my own ego or insecurities.

I might smile and let you finish your thought when you say word like mailman, fisherman, fireman or policeman- but when its my turn to talk I'll pointedly reflect back inclusive language- postal worker, fisher, fire fighter, and police officer.

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