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June 06, 2006


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This is really fantastic and remarkable

And the reason you wore white was.....???

Oh my goodness, this hit home. I was 4 months pregnant when I got married and had a very similar experience getting a wedding gown. I ended up getting one that I never in a million years thought I would wear -- I'd always wanted 40s elegance and ended up with giant poufy cupcake -- just because it was the only thing that fit my belly. In the end, though, no one even knew I was pregnant (but they figured it out when our first song was "She's Having My Baby" by Paul Anka.) It too had a corset back that was perfect as my belly grew. Still, though, I have dreams of what I WOULD have looked like in the dress I'd always imagined I'd wear. :) The day was perfect, nonetheless.

You looked gorgeous, btw, and not at all as if you had just had a baby.

You looked beautiful! I can relate to your search for a gown wherein you can breastfeed. I was matron of honor at my sister's wedding, 2 months post-partum. My gown was custom-made, and I was probably the first client to ask for a gown designed for breastfeeding.

You look fantastic. Not like Miss Mississipi at all.

When a girl weds with her love one that day mean for her a lot and on that day she feels great and she want to wear a best wedding dress and she want that she feels great on that day because for a girl wedding day comes only one time in her life

What a beautiful bride!!!

Holy crudler! Sorry, I know it's been a while, but I just had to comment - you look beautiful in that dress!

Delightful wedding and lucky couple. It is a happy shot that the bride keeps so well, so elegant and so beautiful for 3 months postpartum. Congratulations to you. And I love the nice photos which are great pleasure.

Great dress, pretty baby, and awesome Studebaker. Same color as the 51 starlight coupe we hope to restore.

That's the greatest story-- and a great dress. Living here in Alabama, I KNOW what your choices were.

Beautiful pics - you look absolutely stunning! I dig the mess dress too. And of course Quinlan is a doll, as always.

I can't believe that you were 3 months post-partum! You look amazing, and not at all huge.

Love the one with the baby-priceless!




omg, the photo of you with the baby is beautiful!

And can I tell you? If you write one more post with the word "nipple" in it, I'm going to have to take a cold shower.


(though, I'm glad you didn't show pics of those nasty feet of yours) ;)

That would be hard - but you looked fabulous! I don't think I ever looked that good at 3 months postpartum. It's good that you were able to find a dress that was functional enough to work for breastfeeding.

Nothing like a stunning bunch o photos to bring out the lurkers, eh? You are not only a gorgeous bride, you are a gorgeous POST PARTUM bride. In other words, you suck. If you weren't also brilliant and talented and hard-working, I'd probably really hate you.

I guess I should really say:

"Oops we did IT many times out of wedlock and it actually took so now we have a kid" LOVE.

Phew. There. Much better.

That photo of you in your wedding dress with your little girl made my lip quiver.

I also did things a tad out of order; no date set for our wedding and now I have a few more reasons why.

LOL. That's downtown philly - city of brotherly and "oops we did it out of wedlock" love.


You were a beautiful bride! You sure don't want to see me in that dress at 3 months postpardum

Like everybody else, I think you made an absolutely beautiful bride! I love the photo of you kissing your husband, and the one of you and Quinlan gazing at each other. Thanks for sharing!

Good lord woman I was expecting to see some troll when i clicked on the pictures. I think that you looked absolutly STUNNINg for 3 months post partum and teh car picture? Priceless ya'll look VINTAGE positively fabulous vintage in that car with the old mississippi buildings rising up in the background

Wow, oh gorgeous one. And multitalented too, pulling off a wedding at 3 months postpartum! (but you have that overachiever history, so I don't know why I am surprised...)


Oh my goodness. I think everyone pretty much summed it up. You are one HOT MAMA. I never thought I'd say that to another woman!

You look great!

I was 7 months pregnant when I got married. So my wedding dress is a size 11, when I usually wear a 4.
But that’s not even the worst part...
The worst where the shoes!
The pretty white stilettos with little pink flower embroidery felt just fine whet I bought them on my fourth month…

Absolutely amazing photos of your husband and you. What a stunning and versatile dress!

Dude. You look so hot. Beautiful. Amazing. Totally. Wow.I mean... Ooooooh la la, honeybuns.

Awww nice!! Wow your husband looks like my husband!!

I think half children are gorgeous. Mine is going to eat dim sum and shepards pie.

Anyway back to the dress...reminds me of a Roseanne episode where the sister start leaking right before the ceremony.

Wow. I was a bridesmaid when my baby was 7 months old and that nearly killed me (and my friendship with the bride, for that matter). The good side: at least you have an excuse to pay for all the professional help you need to look that fabulous. And the picture of you with the baby in the car - so beautiful. So lovely.

You look beautiful and not large at all. But, I did see your breast pad in one of those photos. Doh!

My hubby and I found out we were preggers a week into the engagement so we hurried and got married. I planned my wedding in 6 weeks (that god I do that for a living so I knew what I was doing!!!). But I didnt have the breastfeeding issue when dress shopping. However, I did have the "What if I get fat before the wedding? Will the dress still fit?". "Can I pee by myself in this thing cause I am preggers and I need to pee...a lot!". The bridal store girl had no clue what to do with me. I hated my dress but I LOVE yours!

Dude...you look pretty damn good for someone that just had a baby! With both my pregnancies, I was still all puffy and bloaty at 3 months postpartum.

Girlfriend, you look fantastic. I'd look like Rosie O'Donnell in a wedding dress if I just popped out a babe.

I had quite the opposite problem - a strapless, straight wedding dress that, when you lose a couple pounds all in your boobs, flopped down to my stomach three days before the big day. My seamstress/aunt suggested I stuff myself with socks...

You looked beautiful. And now for sure I remember why I didn't breastfeed.

that is a gorgeous dress! hey props for getting a wedding together with a new baby. I am having a wedding in um... yeah... 18 days!!!! After we eloped 2 years ago and told no one. And I am crying out of misery every day. I am so stressed. So needless to say, I admire your strenth!

You look really beautiful. But I would be remiss if I didn't point out that nursing in a wedding gown and "A Southern Wedding" go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly :o)

Wow, Kristen, you are just gorgeous! And your husband is cute,too. Looks like you did a fabulous job choosing a wedding dress. You look like a princess.

You looked beautiful, and if you are happy now, well that is what matters the most!

Quinlan is the wee one.

And thanks folks. As it turns out, I dropped about 40lbs in 2 months with the elimination diet. So, I guess it worked out for me, however, by Christmas I was looking gaunt.

Can't say the same for myself now. *ahem*

First, I don't see the largeness you were talking about. You look GREAT!
Second, you are one tall, hot mama!

Lovely photos. :-)

Is Quinlan hubby or the babe? It was one of the shortlisted names for both of our babes, but we lived near an intersection of two streets with 'Quin' in the name. DarthDad, my ex, vetoed Quinlan. :-P

given the Everest-level of achievement re: pulling off a wedding three months post-p, you deserve a medal for mere survival.

the fact that you were able to also look completely adorable? um, are you interested in becoming president? b/c I really dig the sound of Kristen ___ '08. oh, and for a running mate: mom101.

I think our country's ready for a genius mommy who isn't afraid of the swears to take charge.

Whoa. Gorgeous wedding photo Kristen. And ya you are a goddess. Breastfeeding in a wedding dress?!? Bowing to you over here :)

You crack me up!! (& Thanks for the elimination diet post link - this is what I've been doing due to suspected food allergies and I enjoyed reading your perspective!)

had you not mentioned that you were three months post-partum on your wedding day, no one would have guessed it. i dare say that on our big day, most of us who were neither pregnant nor within months of delivering looked as good. kudos for pulling it off and making it look so easy!

Yeah. I didn't have to breastfeed in my dress, but I was three months post partum when I was shopping. And I remember gasping at the size when the dress lady told me what she would be ordering for me. It's a horrible, horrible thing to be going through while trying to deal with your post-preggers body.

At three months postpartum I was too busy crying my eyes out, so I can't imagine planning and executing a wedding. Kudos to you. You should have added a big, red Super Woman cape to that lovely dress.

Are ya kidding me? You LOOK FABULOUS!

I love the photo of you and Quinlan in the get-away car! What a good looking family...

We had a USAF wedding last fall... thinking that my 38GG's could hold it up - I invested in a strapless gown... the hooks the seamstress installed to keep the dress attached to the strapless bra were useless - and in several photos, I'm surrounded by officers with a dress precariously perched just above my nips. Oh, and it was the first day of my period. So every time I went to the bathroom (with my sister, to hold my dress), I had to take care of that business AND readjust my dress! I'm suprised I wasn't topless by the end of the night.

Good on you for finding a "family-friendly" gown! It looked smashing!

Dang baby, you look HAWT for someone three months PP.

Oh, my friend, you are gorgeous. Really. I've never met you in person and still, I'm getting all verklempt looking at the pics.

Or maybe I'm still choking back the tears from laughing so hard anout the large brown sunflower nipples and the Prep-H anal massage.

Probably both.

Kristen- is nothing in your life ordinary? From the TV wedding, to your childhood, to the nursing wedding dress- you defy the status quo.

love ya.

Um, yes, that's quite a delimma. I had one of my own, telling the sales girl that I had to find a dress that would look good on my size F ta tas that were soon to be reduced to a size D. THAT was fun. The reduction went well and the dress was still the one I liked the best despite my change in shape and size. You're lucky you had a patient sales girl, because the first one that helped me was a first class biotch about the trouble. Basically she told me to either wait to have the surgery (um, no) or wait until after the surgery to look for dresses. I couldn't help but be excited to be wedding dress shopping and she totally burst my bubble. That store was the only one with that dress, or I would've gone somewhere else. I did ask for a new sales person (the manager) when I went back.

Holy Crap.
I can only hope I look that good at 3 months post-partum. You go Kristen!

Wow. Rock on with your nursing self. You look gorgeous.

Great photos, Kristen! Thanks for sharing. Love the teal Studebaker.

OMG. I cannot fucking find ONE picture? Is that wrong or what?

I've been looking all freaking week. I'll keep looking.

I have one CD with them and of course, it's the one I cannot find.

I married my husband when I was three months pregnant...with twins, so I was about as big as 5 months. I didn;t even know it was twins yet. I still thought I was simply freakishly huge for my due date. My legs hurt. I couldn't walk in heals and there was nothing I cold do with the belly except wear a big flowy shapeless thing. Ugh.

Come on! Post a picture- we've got to see this!

That was awesome. I admire your determination to make sure you could still breastfeed, even during your wedding.

I can't imagine getting married just after having a baby, though. I would have been an emotional, post-partum nightmare.

How about a picture? Can we see a picture of the miracle dress?


At least it was a baby nursling. Kidlet 1 was 18 months when I got married and a nursing fiend of a toddler. Try explaining *THAT* to a sales girl. :-P

I ended up with a sweet dress that I could slip off the shoulder for the ceremony and then a white nursing sundress for the reception.

My favourite picture from my wedding? A black and white shot of me getting my hair done, dress off to the waist, shoes askew, one fat toddler in his sweet little outfit and cherub curls nursing like mad.
Of course, he was too busy to nurse while I was wearing the nursing dress.

Now, divorcing and repartnered, I fear that my phenomenal fertility will lead to another nursing and/or pregnant wedding. At least nursing clothes are more fashionable now than in 1997. :-P

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