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July 07, 2006


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Its amazing, isnt it how the love of a child can undo so much damage?
I was in an abusive marriage and it was the the birth of my daughter who made me realize I was worthy. Worthy of her.
So I left her father, got my shit together and here I am, 6 years later with a new man, a great man and 11 week old twin boys. I thank my beautiful babygirl every day for loving me unconditionally and giving me strength.

I so needed to see this today. I was looking for something else and came accross it - divine intervention. I was feeling so very unworthy and shameful. You reminded me that I am not worthy in spite of my issues but because of them - they make me the HUMAN BEING that I am. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Looks like you brought the tears out in many of us. Very touching and right on time. You saved me today.


Just want to say- what a cutie!!!!

Had a fleeting thought of having another, but common sense came back and brought me down to reality.

gorgeous girl and great post though!!

You are worthy, and what a beautiful tribute to your daughter! Happy birthday to her! I hope she had a wonderful day.

yes, i have been behind on my blogstalking (not to mention posting).

your daughter is going to effing LOVE this post one day--especially when she is a mother herself.

What a beautiful post to your daughter. I love that you feel you're "good" at being a mom!

Your daughter is adorable!

She's so beautiful! Love the positive attitude in this post. You are worthy, for sure.

Happy birthday beautiful Q! And just so you know, we all LOVE your momma's blogs

Happy Birthday! Give your Mom a hug!

As always, thanks for your bravery--amazing post. Happy birthday to your cutie pie!

Happy birthday to Q & she is absolutely gorgeous!

Happy Birthday Q! You can't go wrong with a mama like that.

K - outstanding post. It was beautifully written and managed to articulate many things all of us struggle with every day, whether or not we have children. Thanks.

Happy Birthday Q!

Kristen this is such an honest and beautiful tribute to your gorgeous daughter. Good things can happen to good people and you are one of the good ones. And indeed worthy. So worthy

What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful girl.

Happy Birthday, Q!

Happy birthday to your little one. What a beautiful photo of her!

happy birthday Q!

and, what an absolutely gorgeous post - I hope she gets to read it when she's older.

I didn't know you called her Goosie too!! Not that it's so unusual, but it's a neat coincidence.

Beautiful girl. Beautiful mommy.

You made me cry too! What a perfect post. It is eloquently worded and communicates exactly what I have felt my whole life. I have found that the only thing I really feel I am "good at" is being a mom. This is what I was meant to do, and I know that deep down inside. Sometimes it is hard to feel good as a woman, a wife, a homemaker, a friend. But I can always look at my precious boy and see what I have brought into the world knowing that I have done something right. And that gives me peace.

Happy birthday, Q!

And you, lady? I haven't met you in person yet, but I can tell you that you are worthy. You are an amazing person worthy of all the happiness a person can have. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise, or I'll have to pummel them senseless.

Ok, you got me back. I'm crying too. (Yes, it's all about me, isn't it.)

In seriousness, I'm sitting here reading this with my mom who is one of your biggest fans and we're both just awed by this, by you, by your writing, by your honesty, by your gorgeous daughter. It's amazing how these little people can bring out things in ourselves that we never knew were in there.

You are worthy. I'll swear to it in court.

Happy Birthday Q & Kristen! Love!!!

Kristen, That was beautiful. Very touching. Love the pictures too. Such a beautiful baby...um...big girl.

Happy 2nd Birthday Quinlan!

Happy Birthday, sweetie!!!!

And yes, you are more than worthy. That little girl has been blessed with an out-of-this-world mommy.

Congratulations on two years of motherhood! You are an inspiration.

Oh my holy goodness, she is a-dorable!!! Were you kind of freaking out about her turning 2? My little girl turns 2 on Tuesday and I just can't believe it! I swear you would think she's turning 16 or something (oh lourd what am I going to do when she turns 16?).
I hope you both have a wonderful day.

Happy Birthday Q!

It sounds like she brought out the best in you and THAT, is very good. Happy Birthday to both of you!

Happy Birthday, Quinlan! May you (and your mama) have a wonderful year :)

What a beauty she is. Happy Birthday Q. You are one lucky little lady!

Happy birthday and congratulations on enjoying and celebrating your daughter and your motherhood!

I was on vacation for two weeks and your was the blog I most missed! Keep truckin' - I love it!

And people say babies that young don't smile... That is one cute picture. (They both are actually)

Damn right you're worthy, Kristen. She's lucky to have you.

And you're lucky to have her, too.

Happy Birthday to her! You done good, Mom. :)

That was beautiful, Kristin. You made me cry (not that that's hard to do, mind you, but it did). I've struggled with this my whole life.

Happy 2nd birthday, Q.

Happy Birthday, Q! Hope it's a fantastic day! You BOTH deserve it!

Happy 2nd birthday, Q!

And a very happy day to the ones who gave you life. :)

That was a beautiful and empowering post.

Thank you.

Happy birthday to your wonderful girl!

I am so sorry that people taught you that happiness is held back from the imperfect. Thankfully for all of us, it just comes, whether we "deserve" it or not. I am glad you can enjoy it, even if you don't always believe you've earned it.

Happy 2nd Birthday Q!

Oh how I love the smiling baby photo just as much as the frowning toddler photo! She's a beauty.

You both deserve all the goodness of the Mississippi - whoops make that the WORLD!

Oh Kristen, that was beautiful and poignant.

You are worthy, and who will empower her to know how worthy SHE is, no strings attached...

Happy Birthday Q!!!

Oh, you are, you are one of the good ones! And she, too - how could she not be? Happy birthday to her, and happy birth-day to you, good mother.

I'm honoured to (virtually) know you - *this* you, the super-funny-cool-smart-kind-Q's mama-you that you've shared out here. Thanks.

Wonderful post... Happy Birthday to your little girl!

Happy Birthday to Q!

And you are most definitely worthy of all the good you have in your life.

Aww Happy Birthday, Little One!

And yes....motherhood and parenting is the key to finding who we really are and how good it is to be us and to be there for others and seen as wonderful and special through tiny eyes!

(long sentence, I am still sleepy)

Knowing you for as long as I have (in the *actual* world) has been one of the greatest parts about my life. You are and have always been worthy and I'm glad that you've finally arrived at the 'Kristen is a cool kid' party.

Happy B-day to Q and happy anniversary to you and your Motherhood.

Oh. And you STILL make people laugh. Don't make me tell the 'Fear Factor Thong' story to prove it.

Beautiful post, mom. Happy birthday to the little Q. :)

Aw, Happy Birthday, Q!

I am also amazed, as a mother, to see how much healing, transformative power there is in the unconditional love of a child.

You are worthy, You are worthy!

Q: You have a fantastic mother. Happy Birthday to you Little One. Like your mother, you are beautiful and sweet and I wish I knew you in "real life". Grow up strong, smart, and happy!

Happy birthday, Q! Be thankful that you have such a great mother who loves and cares for you so much. You're a lucky girl!

Happy Birthday Q! Such a nice post! Birthdays always make me stop and reflect on how great my kids really are instead of being so caught up in the daily grind.

Happy Birthday Quinlan!

such a beautiful name, btw.

Beautiful words... Happy birthday Q!

What a great post! Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter and happy Friday to her wonderful and very worthy mother!

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