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January 23, 2007


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The New York Times in its Bits blog, is reporting that it has uncovered a huge security hole with Smartphones running Googles Android operating system. Many devices come with customized versions of Android that omit the Store because Google has decreed that it isn't yet ready for these larger-screen devices. As security risks to your Android phone go, rooting it ' that is, affording access to otherwise restricted files and folders for certain apps to run as intended ' is dangerous, and a definite security risk.

Today, I went to the beachfront with my kids. I found a sea shell and gave it to my 4 year old daughter and said "You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear." She placed the shell to her ear and screamed. There was a hermit crab inside and it pinched her ear. She never wants to go back! LoL I know this is entirely off topic but I had to tell someone!

Do you mind if I quote a few of your posts as long as I provide credit and sources back to your site? My blog site is in the very same niche as yours and my users would truly benefit from a lot of the information you provide here. Please let me know if this ok with you. Thanks!

Who needs balls when they're you?

Congratulations, Kristen! Well done!

Soon enough you'll be out of there! Soon enough! I"m crossing my fingers!

Just adding my congrats! Yay, finally here! and I love the name Drew!

I'm happy for you. Happy that you finally squeezed that kid out. Because I'm sure there was no more pain than a gentle squeezing. Heh. A freakin' mimosa!! Shiiish.

Gawd. Doesn't every single emotion seem magnified after you have a baby? I was horror-stricken that the minute I laid down my baby, a picture frame would fall off the wall and kill him. Seriously. You will be fine. So will your daughter. She will adjust. Congrats on the baby boy--remember, the balls are pretty flexible and can take a good wiping. Watch for the spontaneous pee squirting. OH. And morning wood. Ew.

Hey, Congrats Kristen. You'll get used to the balls. If you had them first, you'd fear the VJ as I do. And I'm taking note: Being in the mood for a mimosa is possible after second-time labor. First time, I was only in the mood for another epidural, but alas, they don't give those out to women who have already delivered.

Unbelievable! So glad your labor was quick and easy, and that you are getting your own place. You could have offed them and no jury of your ACTUAL peers (meaning mothers) would convict you. "Guilty? Of what? No crime was commited there..."

hateful evil fucking in-laws.

congrats on your absolutely gorgeous baby, quick labor AND mimosas! you rock!

Congratulations, Kristen! I feel you. It's always hard to get used to two babies, but with the in-law hell too? God bless you. I hope you and your husband find that apartment soon. You need the break!

Congrats, Mama! I, too, remember that "Um, did I just pee or did my water break?" feeling.

So jealous that you pushed for ten minutes...

If you want to escape the in-laws come to DE and I will hand over my breast pump parts if you are interested.... or I can mail them to you!! Seriously, CONGRATS!!! One baby to two is HUGE HUGE HUGE and you rock. And I am sure you are quite sure of that yourselfs, despite not being able to quell 3 hour crying jags. Get to 3 months and it will get easier, despite the many times in between now and then you may wish to run away and never return. And remember my parents agreement, which has been passed down to my marriage: whoever leaves, takes the children. Whooohooo DREW!

Mimosas a few hours after birth? You are my hero.

Glad you're home and well (even with the crazy in-laws) and hope you find your own place soon so you can make as big a mess as you want!!!!

This birth story proves that you are a rockstar. An engorged, hormonal Queen of the domestic stage! Go ahead, bash you in-laws over the head with your breast pump-shaped guitar... Rock on, Kristen!! May you always rise above the madness.

And sincere congrats on the boy-child. He's absolutely gorgeous.

Wow, what a fast delivery!

I'm sorry your inlaws suck. For your sanity, I hope you find your own place soon.

Reading what you wrote about your daughter took me back. I know what that feels like. I was so scared we'd fall into some routine where the baby would be "mine" and our toddler would be "hubby's." It's hard, but it does improve over time. And sometimes, you just have to put that baby down, or in another room :-), or give him to someone else and go play/cuddle with your daughter.

Not sure if it helps, but a good friend of mine passed along this nugget, which put me at ease - "the younger child will never know anything other than sharing their life with a sibling." I used that as justification for sometimes putting my toddler's needs first (which were sometimes my own) over the baby's. I don't think I phrased that well, but hopefully you get the gist.

I'm so glad you had such an easy delivery, and the baby is gorgeous! But the Sticky Note? Good god is there no end to your inlaw's insensitivity? I really hope you are able to find an apartment SOON.

P.S. I love the name Drew, and also the new banner is hilarious!

Congratulations! Sounds like the kind of L&D one (like me, for instance) can only dream of. Cool!

The baby is a cutie. Hope you figure out a new living situation for your family soon.

Oh my GOOOOD! I can't imagine how fucking awful it must be right now not being in your own calm space. At least Karma gave you a nice short delivery--the one I was meant to have.

I have something for Bubba on its way to you.

Amazing, you super-blogstress! Yay for the mimosa, boo for the in-laws.

Keeping my fingers crossed for a new place for you and the return of your sanity!

Man, I can't believe those in-laws! Most grandparents can't keep their hands off their little grandbabies. Here they are with two living with them. Find a nice long-distance grandparent and have that person get your in-laws to wake up.

I guess the post-delivery mimosas don't QUITE make up for insane in-laws, but still - that and ten minutes of pushing seems evidence to me of being smiled upon by the gods.

The amazing, adorable baby, however, is the clincher. The gods love you, lady. (As does your village! MWAH!)

Congradulations, I hope the apartment hunting goes well and swiftly!

I hope in all the craziness someone took a pic of or saved the Post -It. Because in about 6 months when everyone has gotten some sleep and you are way the hell out of there, that's gomna make yet ANOTHER great story-- maybe the best yet.

Congrats on the new baby!!

um, the post-it note made me want to reach through the computer and smack someone.
not you, of course.

is that bad?

Welcome back, Kristen! You and your beautiful babies.

Open ARMS, is what I meant to say!

Welcome home (to the Internet, not your in-laws)...there are always open over out here.

Wow, that is a quick labor. You deserved a break. The Mimosas sounded perfect for the occassion.

BUT??? (as the post-it note clearly stated on our door) WTF??

Come to CA and live with me. We have a spare room and no post-its.

Once again, congratulations! Sorry to hear you're not getting the support you need right now.

Congratulations! He is beautiful. I might have made that comment the other day. All my days still run together and my oldest is three and youngest 13 months.

As for the feeling of loss with your daughter, I felt it as well. I thought I had betrayed her and would cry any time she wasn't happy. It's tough for a two and a half year old to adjust, but she will and you will and you'll all get through it. Try to keep your routines with your daughter as best as you can. That certainly helped.

I can't believe your inlaws aren't helping. Mine weren't much of a help either so I know you can get through it. But at least I don't live with them. Hang in there.

And it's amazing how much extra work one little bundle of baby brings. I will never catch up on laundry. But it is all worth it.

Congratulations and welcome back!

(you had me - I was a lazy bloglines reader tonight)

congratulations! Sorry to hear teh living situation is less than is desired. It is hard to balance the time between a new baby and your first child. Maybe a wee date while baby Drew sleeps.....

Finally was able to see the pic of Baby Drew. Yeay! He's beautiful. So happy to hear the labor went smoothly.

Am sending you hugs and yes! A move to an apartment is a VERY, VERY GOOD idea!

Ahhh, I'm all sick and dead over here and you have a baby. Awesome! Congrats. Love the name and his cute little cheeks. I'm so glad you had an easier birth this time around.

Oh and I love the new design at the top.

many good thoughts going your way!

My older 2 kids are a similar age difference to yours, and it was Not Fun for a little while. But then it suddenly got much better. And right now they are best buds.

I hope things get better soon!

De-lurkign to say, Mozel Tov to you all. I hope you get out of the hell hole as soon as possible. And maybe burn another pan on the way.

Oh, I can't till we read about the in-laws bitching about breastmilk being left out on the counters.

Please tell me you are leaving there soon??????

Seriously "clean up after yourselves"?? WTF Man they are making my in-laws look better all that time and man THAT is scary.

Baby Drew is quite adorable. Hope you find an apartment soon.

What you said about Q - yes. Those feelings diminish, especially as I expect you and she will grow closer because no matter how cute that baby is, Q walks and talks and interacts, and you'll find yourself cherishing that even more than you did before.

(Or at least it worked that way for Tacy and me.)

Virtual hugs coming your way 24/7 - even during those three-hour crying jags (yours or Drew's).

Hear you ROAR!

Cannot wait to see more pics of Drew...in your new apartment! Good riddance.

Glad to have you back, if only for a little while. Baby Chalk is adorable. My second daughter is 8 months old now and I can appreciate the feelings you are having about time with your daughter. I don't think it is ever the same, and it is in fact dicey for a while in the early days, but man, one day you look down and you see what a gift that second child is to your first. Just wait until the synchronized shitting, they'll double up on you. It's remarkable.
I hope you land yourself an in-lawless place soon. Very soon. Will you be considering a new zip code?

I highly recommend it.

Congrats on little Drew and very probably the best birth story I've heard in awhile.
And Good GOD you've gotta get out of that hellhole before we hear about you on CNN (post-partum mom loses it on her in-laws, attaches breast pump to father-in-law's naughty bits, next on AC 360!).

It seems you did win the quick labor prize from Her Bad Auction!

Good luck making the transition to life with two while staying with the in laws.

Wow, fast labor! I can only hope to be so lucky!

But then being told to clean up after yourself? The next time you change a stinky diaper, wing it at your FIL's or MIL's head! Sheesh!

Hope you'll be able to find time to get the rest you need, while also spending some time with your DD.

C'mon, do it with me....




ok. Take a moment.

You're good.

Baby's amazing.

Daughter is amazing.


Breathe again!

Congrats! Hopefully you'll get your own place and get settled and regain your 'family' peace.

Just logged in with enough time to say "Congrats"... he's a beautiful little guy! Will get back here to catch up when my own goes back down for a nap.

I am SO THRILLED for you! I've wanted to call, but didn't want to 1) wake the baby, 2) wake you, 3) or get in the way of the new baby routine, so I'm waiting until you give me the go ahead. :) (Since I don't know what it's like to be pregnant, be in labor, have a baby, or deal with new baby while living with inlaws, I wasn't sure if calling you would be a good or bad thing!) Until then, email is way to go!

Any how, please let us know if there's anything we can do for you! I'll be glad to look for apartments for you, come over and help you out...whatever. And if you have a chance, (no rush, I know you're exhausted and very busy!), please email me your snail mail address. I need it for something. :)

We love you so much!

I found that my ability to deal with things was directly related to the amount of sleep I was getting. Maybe you can send your daughter to a "moms day out" or to a day out with your friends. Your hubs needs to step up and hold the baby and you need to sleep whenever possible. Benefits: sleeping rather than eating helps with that baby weight. Sleep means not around your in-laws.

hang in there. It gets so much easier. promise.

Wow! So it doesn't get easier with a second, huh?

Hang in there, If I remember correctly, the crying newborn phase pases quickly. And the in-laws well, there are apartments out there.

And he is beautiful.

Congratulations. He's lovely. Hope you guys find an apartment soon. :)

Welcome back (so quickly!) and congrats, again, on baby Drew and the quickest labour in the world - woohoo! Here's to the hormones sorting themselves out in similar fashion. :D

Now, about the damned ILs....get that apartment soon, and I echo the sentiment to change as many diapers near the FIL as humanly possible.

I'm jealous of your quick delivery. I'm jealous of your new (smokin' hot) banner. I am not jealous of your living situation, however. What a couple of jerks. Helloooo. It's their flesh and blood. A wee baby. I say leave your dirty plates and dishes all over the house, including a couple of strategically placed dirty diapers.

Wow! Congrats. I think. LOL!! Here's hoping you can get out on your own ASAP.

You're getting an apartment? (Happy dog bread dance) Woohoo!

Great news about the fast labor and healthy fam; the feelings of loss relative to Q. will dissipate, I promise... it's a time of adjustment for everyone. As to the inlaws.... well. What can I say that hasn't been said already... Good luck and congrats, you are thought of warmly and often!

Woah, those IL's are one helluva joke, aren't they? Change baby Chalk's diaper near FIL and let him aim that way. I hope you guys find a way out soon! Hugs to ya!

Bring yourself, Q, and the yummy Drew here. I will happily hold new babies and change them while mommy slleps :)

Welcome back! I hope at some point your in-laws realize how lucky they are to have their wonderful grandchildren right under their own roof. My mother would kill (or more likely be killed) for a similar set up.

Hang in there. There are lots of great places to live, and I'm sure you'll find one very soon!

Congrats, Kristen! I hope you find a new homefront soon!

man, your in laws are whacked....a post it note on your door?!!

I hope you find a place soon, for your sanity. And be good to yourself with that new baby.

Congratulations, Kristen!

I love the name Drew.

Good luck with the apartment search. Lord knows you need out of the In-Laws' house.

congratulations Kristen, we're all excited for you here and hoping you find a nice, quiet place of your own to get woken up by that baby all night very soon.

Just get through that first six weeks and it'll get better.

And maybe InLawiCide.

Your inlaws never cease to amaze me. It's really unbelievable.

Glad to hear you're looking for an apartment...Alleluia!

Great new banner.

Sounds like the in-laws are pouting because "they" can't be the center of attention right now and are lashing out like babies...even more so than baby Chalk.

"Pick up after yourselves."

How do you do it? How do you do it?
I'll say it again, "HOW DO YOU DO IT!?"

Congrats on the 1-2-3 Labor!

Hang in there. Soon this will all be a hazy foggy distant memory. As you are lounging in your new apartment - far, far away from the crazy ass inlaws you seemed to have inherited, you will have a good, maniacal giggle over the whole situation.

Or harbour bitter memories like I do until the end of time....

Love the new banner! And Congrats!

Drink more mimosas. Glad you and baby chalk are doing well. Try not to kill the inlaws, although with them gone you would have an apartment. Good luck!

This too shall pass (maybe not soon enough, but honest it will!).
I've learned, slowly at times (sleep deprivation is doing fun things to my brain bits) that the loss of time with my son since the Littlest came home is becoming more and more rewarding in how he's grown in personality. This morning, for instance, he wished the baby (sleeping on my lap as the Biggest had his mid-morning cookies) "night-night" (nobody else has ever gotten wished that), then as the baby stirred a bit, he commented (in toddler speak) that it was too bright and needed to be "more dark to sleep".

He has started thinking of someone else's wellfare. Commence Mommy melt.

Congratulations and welcome to the spinning world.

All I can say is: You're getting an apartment? WAHOOOOO!

Dammit, why can't I live close enough to change diapers for you?

I hate that those toxic people are doing their best to ruin this experience for you. As if the first few weeks were not hard enough . . .

I think Q will be all right. Sure, this will be a tough transition, and she will lose a lot of your time and attention, especially at the beginning, but she will gain the presence and love of another human being who will forever be a part of her family, and that will totally make up for it.

(And if my younger siblings ever come across this: Yes, I actually do mean that. Grudgingly :P)

An apartment? As in one where your in-laws don't have a key?

That is awesome. I hope it comes sooner rather than later for you.

Welcome back Kristen and congrats again! Baby Drew is one lucky guy to have you for a mom. Seriously.

Congratulations. Sniff his little head for me.

Can I hate your inlaws? Good Lord who would ever leave a note like that on your bedroom door.

Glad baby Drew's arrival was easy. Sorry the homecoming has been crap. Here's to some sleep, a shower, time with Q and a kick ass place to live with NO in-laws!!

Just hire someone to come in to help YOU.

Congratulations on your new little love, Drew.

I just had to come in off of bloglines with such a nice invite.

You can come live with me ... I love babies!

There was a sticky note on your door waiting for you when you got home from delivering your son telling you to clean up after yourself?!

Jesus. Hire someone to find an apartment for you if it means you can get out of there faster.

Congrats again, and hang in there.

Geez! Seriously, did they leave you a note to clean up after yourselves? How helpful of them!

Congrats again! Hang. In. There.

Lovin the new banner! Keep taking deep breaths and remember...it will get easier....there is an end in site!

*huggs* He's adorable, btw!

I am so with you on the feelings about your daughter. When I had my second child...oh, wait, I don't have any kids.

But I am still with you.

I'm worried about the same thing, as my youngest right now is a 3 yr old beautiful little girl who has NO FATHOMABLE IDEA of how much life is about to change in 4 short weeks.

But I'm assured that she'll survive, that we'll survive. Congratulations on Drew - he's beautiful! AND I am convinced that your inlaws & my inlaws are related (probably closer than we'd like to think). My m-i-l (monster-in-law) actually called my 5 week old son "hateful" because he cried and I fed him too much (I was breastfeeding). What ... "person" calls an infant HATEFUL????


and that was 10 years ago LOL

i'll take thinner wreck over the regular kind any old day...

P.S. The new banner ROCKS. ROFL!

Dear Lord I hope you get out of there soon. Also, what Liz said.

I want to smack your in-laws into next year. Argh!

So so so happy for you honey, and if I could watch the kids for you while you had a nap or a shower or both, I would.

Congratulations Kristin! I hear ya on the feeling guilty. My little man just turned 6 weeks...I'm still trying to figure out a way to balance and not feel so guilty with DD. The one thing I have found that works is if your dh can watch the baby and you can take DD to the park or something just for some alone time. Just make sure you pump first...leaky boobs at the park...not so attractive! LOL

In what crazy world do relatives NOT HELP with a new baby? Tell them you'll be happy to clean up after yourselfs in about three months.

Congrats for the billionth time, K. Try to enjoy all the good and hold onto just enough bad for some humorous writing.

Damn, I meant to add...

Re: "To top it off, I'm feeling an incredible sense of loss in terms of time and moments with my daughter."

I cried like a baby the first 3-4 days I was home because of the guilt and sadness over my daughter. I felt like I betrayed her and that we would never have that special bond again. I just want to tell you that feeling goes away. Your family dynamic will shift a little but ultimately, everything settles back into place. A lot of it is hormones.


I can't believe you only pushed for 10 minutes! That's awesome :)

I meant natives. Plural. They're all fucking crazy over there.

You'll have to stick with the virtual village, I feel.

As the actual village in which you reside is populated by crazy-insane native who might actually EAT your baby (after dipping him in some kind of alcohol and then rolling him in some god-forsaken artificial sweetner, probably). Savages.

Hang in there.

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