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June 13, 2007


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I vote for loathing. They're weird and should not ever be worn in public. Or with socks. Or by males. If you're wearing them entirely for function, that's fine. Just realize that you still look like you didn't have time to actually find grown-up shoes before you ran out of the house to the circus this morning. They're not cute. No matter what style you're wearing. That being said, I can definitely understand the appeal of a quick-and-easy shoe. (Just don't wear them to the mall. ) And I support their induction into those professions where you're on your feet for most of the day. But if you're not wearing scrubs, please don't wear Crocs.

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I can beleive what they did

To all the infants getting bent out of shape when they see terms like 'hate" and Croc used in the same sentence - grow the heck up. I might even suggest you educate yourself on the important role satire has historically played among more civilized folk, but why bother. Your barbaric preference for wearing these frightful things in public indicates utter disregard for the sensibilities of others. You are a throwback! Further, you've so woven your identity to a piece of plastic to the point of denying strangers their right to sound off on the subject - which makes you a petty, small-minded fascist. A very dangerous combination in my book.

That being said, let me clarify I am not including those with health/work related concerns in my argument. I do feel that Croc provides an invaluable service to certain populations who, for various reasons, cannot tolerate other shoes. But for the purposes of this blog post and in keeping in the spirit of it's intent I say freely, and I say loudly: I HATE CROCS!

for me pointed shoes are really great but sometimes it make my toes hurts usually when its brand new. My feet is so flat trying to wear to fit the fashion.

I think crocs are cute but I wouldn't want to wear them to go out. I think that it is a very sensible shoes for summer time and also if you're just doing some gardening or doing chores around the house.

I totally realize that Crocs are about the ugliest thing going, but seriously..they are comfy!

Anyway, I found your blog through the one that stole tons of bloggers' posts, and wanted to stop by and say I enjoyed reading this!
ps- I also had to laugh at how bad she was at stealing your content- she even left YOUR email up in her copied version of this post! O_o

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I have the little Mary Jane ones and I love them. I have really weird feet and these are the only shoes I've found that work for the zillions of oddities my feet present.

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I am new to your blog and love your posts (reading them one by one like a mad stalker).

Had to comment on the crocs. I lived in Japan for more than 10 years and we have those crocs-like rubber slippers that are used MAINLY for cleaning toilets! (not for going out)

Im going back through some old stuff thats really hitting home.

I puchased a pair of crocs when my poor tormented 5 month along pregnancy feet were just GIGANTICALLY swollen with water. I had 2 terrible pregnancies...AND I WAS GETTING THESE DAMN CROCS! I heard they moulded to your feet. I had to drive 3 hours away to a mall in OREGON!

I wore them out of the store....
I wore them for the rest of the pregnancy (as I was on the pills from hell that made me gain 80 lbs or throw up constantly)
I wore them as I lost the rest of my baby weight and slowly my feet returned to normal.

I sneak them on when I have to run to the store....but only with my jeans now, never the dresses :D They are super comforting to pregnant feet I have to say....

I thought crocs were the ugliest things I had ever seen. I have fibromyalgia and work two jobs and they keep me more comfortable then my 150 dollar sneakers.

I didn't want to like these ugly shoes but if I can stand on my feet for hours without pain I had to love them.

I get them in plain colors and the ballet ones have gotten compliments.

No they are not for everyone but for those of us in pain they are a Godsend.

Fugly but very comfortable in NH

Love the post!

I completely agree with you. Ugliest things ever. I thought only ppl in our country would wear something so hideous without a hint of shame. However, I lived in Europe for a couple months and I was HORRIFIED to see that people were wearing them there too. Who knew ugly was contagious? But, I noticed that no one in Milan wore them. I'm sure they'd shoot you there if you brought something so visually offensive in to the city.

Your blog cracked me up. I hate Crocs....I have an avitar on a website, that is a pair of bright pink Crocs with a red circle and line through them. Someone asked what I had against crocs? This was my response.
Now, I know that comfort is a very important part of life. But, Crocs do not look comfortable to me. When I see plastic I think SWEAT BALLS....not Schweaty balls (circa SNL) either. I think of SWEATY STINKY FEET. Everyone says,"Oh they are so comfy they have bumps inside of them." UGH!! Those bumps not only remind me of the gooey sticky hands that they sell in gum ball machines that are ooey, gooey, gel crap that stick to everything they also remind me of walking on pebbles. I just don't think SWEATY STINKY OOEY GOOEY FEET is attractive, relaxing or comfortable.

In my personal opinion they are the ugliest shoes on the market today. The only person I have seen them on that I thought they looked remotely cute was a little boy of about age 2 (who had no choice in the matter). They are clunky and cloddy looking. And heaven forbid someone wears them with a dress or with office wear. Plus matching (I'm talking exact same color from top to bottom) socks, shoes, pants, etc that went out in the early 90's.

Now I don't care what anyone else wears. To each his/her own. Worn with the right clothing they're not bad. But If I see a woman in evening or office wear....(and I have seen it more than once) I think to myself OMG Why Why Why???? And we won't get into the ones I've seen on men!!!

Now I know I'm going to offend someone with this post. Please if you you are offended go ahead and say so. You won't hurt my feelings. Just remember that this was all said in fun and jest and it is personal opinion that has come from personal experience with plastic shoes and stinky feet. And it has nothing to do with Religion or Politics!!! LMAO!!
I did find a few uglier shoes than Crocs
at this site.

okay, if you seriously think this is what's wrong with our country, you're seriously messed up. you really have nothing more pressing to write about? oh, that's right, you're a mom...

I have the little Mary Jane ones and I love them. I have really weird feet and these are the only shoes I've found that work for the zillions of oddities my feet present. I don't claim that they're anything other than "less ugly" than the usual variety, but I did make the effort to get them in black so I'm not advertising my ugly shoes.

When I was growing up, pediatricians told our parents, all kinds of rubber shoes can do no good to kids feet. Buy leather to avoid flat foot.

ok.... This croc thing is getting outta hand... How many times is it going to be said "they're comfortable!"
"they look great on kids!" " they don't stink!"

#1. Comfortable v. The ugliest shoe in the world?
#2. Kids looking borderline foolish v. An adult who looks like a clown?
#3. A shoe that resists bacteria v. The goddamn fucking stink that's eminating from your own friggin foot in the first place?

You guys do the math....there are alot of things people do like this croc thing & always will; but think of something better. Would you wear your shower robe on the street cause it's comfortable? How about wearing just your underwear on a hot day cause it will cool you off so efficiently!! There's no getting around that they are ugly as sin. And you are sinning just like the setereotipicial +100lbs overweight lazy American who rather shortcut the way to a normal pair of shoes in order to satisfy the most "comfortable" choice. And by the way if your feet stink the crocs aren't going to solve the problem; you have a foot oder issue & need hygine, not crocs

I understand that they're comfortable, but so are a lot of other shoes.
You 'croc-lovers' are acting like they're the only comfortable shoe ever created.
Holy shit, people.
Wear sneakers. Try some shoes at the store. I'm sure some are comfortable. I love moccasins and they're wonderfully comfortable. And they look great.
You don't have to wear hideous footwear just to be comfortable.

And my god, they ARE hideous.
Molded plastic shit for $30 that cost the company two cents to craft in China.
Hurrah. :/

I agree with the people who say they can walk a mile in crocs and their feet don't hurt. They are cute on kids and easy to get on and off. What parent wouldn't enjoy not having to bend over to tie a little gaffer's shoes several times a day. And ask a kindergarten teacher...no argument there. Sure they are ugly, but remember the cough syrup commercial? Buckley's tastes like crap, but it works!

I do not find them ugly. I do not wear them but they look cute on childerns

Some people like crocs.

Please don't ruin it for them, even if you don't agree.

I'm waiting for the anti-bacterial stuff in Crocs to cause some new form of cancer. A punishment for people who have no pride.

Crocs are hideous on adults.
Little kids can get away with wearing Day Glo shoes, adults just look stupid. Then again, the folks I've seen wearing Crocs don't look as if they really care what the rest of their body looks like (I have yet to see one stylish person wearing them...), so why should they care if their footwear is ridiculous?

Crocs are UGLY But I LOVE CROCS and just ordered 2 more pairs - I really don't care what People think of me when I walk past with my RED CROCS - I am confident and wish all of the Croc Haters would get a life - they might even Surprise themselves if they walked a Mile in these shoes !!!!!

i don't understand why you make a wedsite about hating crocs who cares keep it to your self if people want to wear them they can.
And if you would take the time to go on crocs website there making crocs the look like normals shoes, so why don't you just get over it. It's just a pair off shoes after all.

I think it is SOOOOOOOOO funny how all these people are saying they HATE crocs, and some of you all are saying STOP BUYING them so they will stop making them. What does it matter what SOMEONE ELSE is wearing on THEIR feet. When I first saw Crocs I thought they were ugly and I HAD TO know why everyone at Six Flags had them on. So I asked and they all said how light they are and how comfortable they are. So I bought some of the winter Crocs, AND LOVED THEM!!! I want some of the other styles now. I have flat feet and ALOT of other shoes give me blisters and really kill my feet. My cousin bought me some of the flip flop crocs before I went to Disney World, I wore them everyday except one day, and the one day that i didn't wear them was the ONLY day that my feet hurt. Everybody else with me at Disney was complaining of their feet hurting. It was great!!!! Ever since then I want as many of the different styles and colors that I can afford. So, all I gotta say to ALL those dumbasses out their bitching about Crocs and have never tried them (and I don't mean try them on in the store)YOU SUCK!!! Don't knock it till you try it!!! And HATE is SUCH a strong word, when you don't even know anything about them except for what they look like, haven't you ever heard "don't judge a book by it's cover" ?!!!!

I hate to admit it, but I do LOVE Crocs. I actually thought they were hideous and I still won't wear them in public unless I am going to a garden center, etc. But I have diabetes and am supposed to wear shoes with a wide footbox. Also, my house has a lot of tile floors. When doctors and nurses started wearing them, I thought, okay, I'd try them. They are WONDERFULLY COMFORTABLE. After I had been wearing them around the house, I saw some of the knockoffs/cheap versions for sale. I tried them on.....NOT AT ALL THE SAME. Much less comfortable than the originals. And, I didn't think of it until now....but no, they never smell. Try them, at least around the house. Your feet will thank you.

Okay folks. I couldn't agree more that these shoes are God awful ugly. So bad that only Austin Powers you would think would wear them. UNFORTUNATELY, I have a job that requires these now and have to see about getting some. I am shooting for the closed toe and most plain pair available so long as it doesn't cost and arm and a leg. Cheapest places to find them? Question though - Do you guys wear socks and/or other shoes with these or just the crocs themselves? Never really cared til now.


Forced to wear

haha...i have to say, i hated them with a passion! thought they were really only cute on little kids! my sister got herself a pair of the lined ones for winter time to just wear in the house (they offered her more support than normal bedroom slippers) and i balked at her for buying them! but then...i gave in...got my mom a pair for her 60th b-day! the second i put hers on just to "try" my feet felt lighter and i had to snag myself a pair! i of course, went for a more fashionable pair...the mary janes! i thought my husband would shun me when i told him i wanted a pair! his parents wear them and he's embarrassed! but the second i pulled them out of the bag he told me they weren't as hideous as the normal ones, so i guess he won't leave me for caving into the trend!

1. Crocs are ugly.
2. You want comfortable? wear sneakers, flats, wear dr.schools shoes, naturalizer. There is plenty of choices out there!
3. I am embarrassed for you.
4. If your feet stink put talcum powder on them or soak them on tea, don't subject yourselves to that ugliness.

Might i add, every kid i know loves them and wants more - there is no forcing kids to wear them, they just want to, and the school that my kids go to - absolutely loves them, and they are able to wear them without worry. Might i also add - they are very warm in the winter, not to mention extremely comfortable...especially with the new ones that have fleece lining...!!!! so no i think whoever dosent have one is an extreme "freakin dumbass".

To all you people who hate crocs - dont knock them till you try them - my whole family has several different styles and we love them to death. Everyone needs to stop being so damn closeminded and live a little. As for dangerous - dont think so no matter what the news stories say, if you dont want your kids to get hurt on an elevator - dont let them get on with them... try them you might like them and your stories might change. they are a very hot item and i dont see them going away any time soon. As for easiness, I have four kids and do you know what its like dealing with shoe tieing??? my kids get them on in a cinch and are ready and out the door without worrying about ties and velcro and all that craziness. My husband even wears them, and he is very picky when it comes to shoes. give it a try...I bet you will own about 6 pairs by the time your done.

and sure, they've got air ventilation. so do skirts, guys. and guess where all ur stink goes. out ur holes, and into our noses. ur spreading ur goddamned stink.

and finally, im not poor. im richer than you are, no offense. i wear armani exchange and abercrombie. and i have enuff money to purchase better shoes than these cheap-assed pieces of bullcroc.

lemme take a DEEP berath before my rant...

YOU CALL THESE PIECES OF CROCS SHOES?! they're MADE OF RUBBER, they've got HOLES IN THEM, and they're colored FLUORESCENT!! what non-color-blind person-with-fashion-sense will wear ANYTHING with FLUORESCENT COLOR in them?!! and now, they've got winter ones as well! heavens help us all, FURRY SHOES WITH HOLES?! wat are u, screwing with me?! u put fur around them and call them warm when its made out of plastic and has holes in them?! LOOK AT REALITY PEOPLE!!

SURE, they're comfortable. and to what extent, you will sacrifice your pride? you look like a frickin dumbass. especially when fatasses wear em. next thing you'll know guys will be wearing skirts cuz of "its brilliant air ventilation." wats the hell's wrong with you?! society looks at you like your a frickin 80's hippie retard. and you probably are.

thirdly, to those kids out there. its child abuse, how parents are forcing kids to wear em. they are frowned upon by classmates, and when they wear them to high school or even middle school, sucks for you, ur reputation for the year gone down the drain.

i can go on ranting, but this should suffice.

Just ordered Cleos. They are really cute. Can't wait to get them. I saw them on my electrologist's feet and had to have a pair.

As for the original ugly ones, I'm not crazy about spending 30+ on plastic shoes, which is why I bought the knock-offs for $5. These are in black so they don't call too much attention to my feet, but they're not all that comfy either. Glad I only spent 5 and not 30!!

I do love my Crocs, but I admit that they are a little on the ugly side. But I am a woman with size 12 feet who has bunions and flat feet (bad genes-go figure) so most shoes drive me crazy. And going barefoot is out of the question since I will ache from the pounding stress of 2 feet of metal attached to my spine (scoliosis surgery). BTW, I'd be about 6'3"-6'4" with a straight back.

The fact that they don't stink is a plus since most sockless shoes will smell like ass-cheese after a day of wear.

And the kids who got caught in the escalator? Maybe mom should have been paying more attention to them. You can get flowery flip-flops caught in those things too.

I have just read all the "Shit" about the crocs. If not for them I would not have survived the recovery of a foot operation.
My granddaughter of 6 has 14 pairs & love them to death.
So to all the people out there passing such ugly comments must be UGLY themselves or just can't afford to buy them. Croc haters remember we can take them off at night but your face will never change. Love them from South Africa!!!!!

Yes, they're ugly on adults. For those who value substance over style, they're great. The anti-bacterial properties mean no stinky sandals. My Tevas stink to high heaven, even with detergent washing, but they look pretty good. What I find ridiculous is people who buy shoes that look great but are damaging to their feet. Ever heard of corsets? These shoes are incredibly light, cushioning, and easy to slip on. They are growing in popularity for many reasons.

I could give two flying shits about how friggin comfortable they are. Who stinkin' cares? They are they most god-awful, vomit-inducing, plain & simply UGLIEST thing to ever exist on this earth, and I mean ever. They make fashions from the 70's and 80's look genious.

why do people like them so much there so ugly !

I just want to say that crocs are one of the best things ever invented. I am in the medical field and I am on my feet all day long. I no longer have an aching back or feet when I return home each day. Don't knock them til you try them. OH and by the way the cheap imitation ones are really not comfortable. Trust me spend the money and you will get your money;s worth.

They are comfortable and very safe. They really grip your feet. The knockoffs are equally as good. They are great for a house slipper and if you need to run out for something quick, you don't have to change shoes. You want something ugly, most feet wearing tongs or flip-flops; that is nasty. At least these hide ugly feet and do it comfortably.

These. 'Shoes'. Are. Ugly.

I don't get it and I don't want to get it.

Love them, I work at a pet grooming salon. I'm on my feet allday bathing dogs. Its the best shoe ever. and I don't care what people think about them. I just know when I get off work my back and my feet ar'nt killing me anymore.

I like them! My sister makes fun of me for wearing them and tells me she doesn't know why I like those ugly shoes---well they're comfortable, and I think they are cute, especially on kids, so my sister and all of the other people out there can close their eyes if they don't want to see those lovely shoes because I think they will be around for a while!

First of all, LOL about the title "crocs of shit." OK, I live in Italy and just the other day I saw a fellow mom wearing them at the supermarket. The funny thing is, when I saw her wearing them, I didn't even know the name of those shoes, I only kind of casually thought to myself "Jeez, those clog things are ugly" and made a mental note never to buy any for myself. Whodathunkit, a whole website dedicated to their destruction?!?!!?

They are ugly!!! :P

I hate Crocs. I don't care how comfortable people claim they are... it doesn't make them any less ugly. There are plenty of comfortable shoes out there - go expand your resources.

Thank you! You said exactly what I've been thinking. I've tried those ugly things on several times wondering if I had missed something. Perhaps there WAS some hidden appeal in them... I couldn't find it, that's for sure. I suppose I'm just not hip.

Hi, yes we wear them here in the UK as well. They are becoming quite popular over here, mainly for adults but i have seen some small kids in them.
i have brown ones, bought from Florida as they are cheaper over there than here. However they do sell the jibittz here and i have just bought a daisy for mine !! They are kind of like marmite, you either love them or hate them, nothing in between. As soon as i can afford it, im going to buy some more pairs. My 10 yr old son wants some for our forthcoming holiday to the dom rep, but has said he will only wear them on holiday and not over here. Now my husband has admitted he might get a pair as he is always moaning about other shoes hurting his feet.
love the crocs :-)

You are SO right! I hate them, and hate seeing little kids trip around in them. Let's put our kids in real shoes please!

I love them! Same reasons as everyone else... they're comfy, light and easy. And I can admit that they're hideous. I just don't care. I'd be barefoot otherwise.

Just thought I'd add some additional fuel to the fire ;-)


Everyone, stop buying them. Your just encouraging the companies to make more. STOP IT! I can't stand to look at them, serouisly you would look better with computer monitor strapped around your feet.I don't care if they are comfortable! There are plenty shoes more comfortable and more stylish then those blobs of rubber.So what if they are really easy to slip on? Is it really all that hard to tie your shoes!


I like them. They make everyone look like garden gnomes, which is hilarious. Kids can put them on and take them off themselves. They can be washed in the dishwasher. They are the only things that seem to be fitting on my swollen 33 week pregnant feet aside from flip flops. They have better traction.

Of course, I was a holdout when Jellies were popular in the '80s so this might just be my lame-o comeuppance.

I think Crocs are the ugliest shoes on the planet. They are the modern day equivalent of wooden shoes like the Dutch used to wear.

For some reason, they are very popular in the UK, according to a British friend of mine... go figure.

They are soo so comfortable and I haven't had my usual bad knee flare up since I started wearing them!
They add a bit of colour into our lives and don't do anyone any harm! -not that I'm aware of anyway!!
Live and let live!

It's actually funny that I stumbled upon this post today as I was just thinking of blogging about crocs! I don't like them but have never actually worn a pair. So I figured I'd try out my mom's first for a while and then could give my honest opinion. If I do blog about them, I'll link here!

I love mine, I have 2 pair of the mary janes, they are the only ones I like though!!! I wear them ALL the time, they are super comfy and cute, not like the original ones....my daughter has them and my son has the originals - we rock out with our crocs out!

Anyhow - their stock went from $40 a share to $90 in 1 year...or something crazy like that.

Crocs, Crack, what is the differnce? Just Say No People! Have some respect, for yourself and others.

Can you tell I don't like them.

Well, you know. I'm from Boulder, they're from Boulder. (Started by a guy who lived down the street from me growing up.)

They're great for the yard. Easy to put on, easy to take off, who cares if they get muddy or wet....And then they're so comfy I do want to wear them inside....But they do kind of stick on some flooring, so eventually that bugs me and I take them off. (Thanks for the heads up on the actual danger of them. I had no idea!!)

Hate, hate, hate Crocs. They are just too damn ugly.

Hope I am not too late on responding to get added to the poll (I am sure I am, but oh well) I LOVE my crocs...well, I have a cheaper version of Crocs..Airwalks and I love these Gawd awful ugly shoes...
I swore up and down I would never own a pair they were rubber and UGLY!! My MIL had them and she swore by them....well one day we were shopping in the mall together and my feet were KILLING me and we walked to payless and she insisted I try on a pair...I tell you what. I did not even take them off for them to be rung in...the most comfortable pair of shoes ever! Love them! I vote buy a pair

Only 2 days? I haven't shaved my pits in 4 or 5 days and I don't have a baby.

I plan to remedy that before going out tonight, though.

And yeah, crocs are hideous. Thank you for getting the word out!

Sorry, I can't get on board with anything that can be washed in the same space as the plate and forks I use to EAT with. GROSS!!


Holy millions of comments, MU!

I'm afraid I've used up all my shoe-hating for the decade on Uggs. I'm trying so hard to hate the Crocs but...nope. No shoe hatred left in my heart right now. Try me in 2011

I vote for loathing. They're weird and should not ever be worn in public. Or with socks. Or by males. If you're wearing them entirely for function, that's fine. Just realize that you still look like you didn't have time to actually find grown-up shoes before you ran out of the house to the circus this morning. They're not cute. No matter what style you're wearing. That being said, I can definitely understand the appeal of a quick-and-easy shoe. (Just don't wear them to the mall. ) And I support their induction into those professions where you're on your feet for most of the day. But if you're not wearing scrubs, please don't wear Crocs.

I hate them. I am not opposed to the clog style (I have multiple pairs of wooden clogs from Hanna Anderssen, which are very, very supportive and comfy, and cute in a quirky way) but cannot stand the Crocs and mock-Crocs. Rubbery shoes cause me to feel nauseated- I hated jelly shoes with a passion, and do not wear rubber flip-flops (rubber sole is OK, but my feet recoil if there is anything other than fabric or leather on my instep.)

I love them,I love them,I love them,I love them,I love them,I love them,I love them,
I am lucky that I currently live in a country where I look different where ever I go, so I wear them constantly with not a worry.
In Australia I would put all of ours in the dishwasher once a week, now I am lucky to have maids that clean them for us!
I now want croc clothes......Maybe that is taking it a bit too far.....

I just don't get them, plain and simple. Maybe for gardening, possibly for the beach, boating makes sense, but otherwise? No thanks

First, I think escalators and little kids are a bad combination. Yes, it happens here a lot, but if he gets stuck, I'm not blaming whatever shoes he is wearing.

Crocs on kids are cute. Hell, anything I can just hose off when dirty that dries quickly and can be put back on by a 2 year-old is cute.

I do have one pair--size 11. They ride in the back of my Element with the other emergency beach gear.

When I was in the hospital for a week before my son was born last year, all of the nurses were wearing them. I asked around, and all the nurses L-O-V-E-D them.

I didn't get a pair till my mom gave them to me for Mother's Day. And I've gotta tell ya...they're DAMN comfy. However, you'll never see me wearing them in public...these puppies are relegated to in-house use only.

And strange-but-true...they actually helped a wierd dropped foot bone thing I have in my right foot. I'm in the middle of writing a post on it now...it will prolly be up on my blog tomorrow if you want to check it out...

Hate 'em. Ugly. Clunky. Strange.

No way, no how will I ever put them on my feet. I let my 6 year old buy a purple knockoff pair but that is about the top of the age range I can stand. She has all these little metal decals attached to them; please tell me adults aren't doing that!

I friggin love mine! I love them so much I have 3 pair! First of all, your feet don't sweat in them and they don't make fart noises either. Way comfy and cute...maybe not with shorts, but definetely with capris or jeans.
You just have to try them to be a believer!

I have size 12 feet and when I put crocs on I look like a cartoon character. Big time -- so no love coming from this Mom. There is some appeal when preg with #2 (someday) and my feet swell to size #13 -- because at least people might look at my dorky ass feet instead of my fat rear end.

BTW- the AirWalks are at payless and they are on $12.99.

I got my AirWalk Clogs (the cheaper brand of crocks) when I was pregnant last year, and let me say, they may be the ugliest shoes on earth, but when you are swollen, tired, and vomiting with every breath that you take, THESE SHOES ARE GREAT!

Also, as a teacher who works in a building that is so big that sometimes I feel like going to my department office from my classroom is preparation for a marathon, these shoes are great.

And they are really cute with a pair of jeans!

HATE them. Hey, I did a post on this too (Course it was like a year ago or something.)

Besides most preschools (both programs my son attended and a children's day out my son attended prior) won't allow kids to wear them on the playgrounds. Stuff gets into the little holes.

Chiming in late here, but I despise them. In every way.

I'll keep my Merrills, thanks. Crocs are just too ugly and petroleum based.

Okay, so as I tally the votes.

If you don't wear them in public, that's not love.

If you let your kids wear them, that's not love either.

Continue on.

you 2 million commented upon beyotch.

i hate them. i don't own them. i think they are hideous. and you are a complete sell out if you were those boats to BLOGHER.


It's like a Pug. So ugly they're cute. I have mine and love them but only wear them to jump in the car and drive my kids around. I have bright blue, which was a poor choice. I want pink. Loving ugliness is good for the soul. OR the sole.

they are awful

Yeah, I don't understand the appeal. Though it almost seems like the law around here that if you have young kids you MUST wear Crocs and your kids must too. What is up with that? Save me from the orange feet boats!! (ps, I have big ol' clodhoppers too)

I am a reformed hater. I didn't like them and I didn't want to conform to the masses. But, I needed shoes to work in the garden and, hey, they were $30 and someone asked if I wanted them for Christmas. They are super duper comfy and dirt washes right off. I also wear them while cooking as standing barefoot can hurt after awhile. (I don't really cook much, though.) I wouldn't wear them outside the confines of my yard or on a quick grocery shopping trip. Don't knock 'em till you try 'em. I wear the mary jane style.

Even though you have 2 million comments, I have to add one more... This is the funniest post I've read in a while. Totally had me cracking up at my computer. I love this line: "Hi. I'm HUGE. In case you didn't notice"
I couldn't agree more about crocs. They are the jelly shoes of 2007. The formica of this generation. Today cool, tomorrow embarassing. The few of us who abstain will be able to soundly laugh at our friends' shame when the crazy plasticky neon foot flags finally go out of fashion. There, I've said my piece! :)

I LOVE mine - although I have never claimed that they were cute or fashionable. With a 4 year old, almost 3 year old and a 3rd on the way - I really don't care about cute or fashionable. I have 3 pair - the original ones, the flip-flops and the mary-janes. I love the mary-janes because they are a little more feminine.
My girls each have a pair of the original and the mary-janes. They want to wear them all of the time, they are super comfortable, easy to keep clean, and they can put them on/off by themselvs.
I just don't think there is a better show out there. Ugly, but good!

So - which style are you going to pick for BlogHer?

No way, no day!

Holy cow look at all these comments! I absolutely do not have time to read them, but need to throw in my "I love mine" vote. I don't know what I would do without them. I have four kids, plus 2-4 additional day care kids and I need to be ready to go in an instant. Crocs are super comfy for standing all day, and easy to get on and off too. I think they are sort of ugly on me, but adorable on my kids. My husband will not be getting any.

Oh honey, I LOVE THEM! Of course they are ugly as sin, but the comfort they give me is unmatched. I love the fact that I can wear them in my last month of pregnancy and after and have no issues with swelling feet! I love them so much that I just bought my daughter her first pair for her 2nd birthday. I'm obsessed!!!!

doesn't walking in plastic shoes (crocs) make fart sounds?

who wants to walk around with people thinking you're farting all the time? no thanks.

I think my 4 yr old looks cute in his red crocs. I wouldn't want a pair...too clunky for me.

Love my Crocs. Nothing new to add to other people's comments. Maybe we should have a Croc showdown at BlogHer - Croc Lovers on one side vs. Croc Haters on the other. Force us to swap shoes and feel the other side's pain. Whether it be in the actual lack of comfort of fabulous fashionable shoes or the lack of style in the chunky, rubbery "shoes".

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