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September 17, 2007


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Can you tell us more about this? I'd want to find out some additional information.

I'm new here, just wanted to say hello and introduce myself.

What a great idea! I love that I can help Tanner too!

I'm in! Posting buttons and paypaling now.

Paypal sent! You're a great friend!

You rock.

Paypaling in support to you right now


Just sent in some money via PayPal and would like to offer up (2) $10 Starbucks gift cards for you to raffle off as well. I didn't steal them, but they ARE from Christmas of last year...isn't re-gifting as heinous of a crime as shoplifting?

Paypal winding its way toward you right now - will figure out the Duck code soon....

Just Paypal'd you....i soooo want that Toy.....um i mean the duck...ya thats it

I'd totally donate my Altoids, but you know I immediately ate them. I had to destroy the evidence you know.

I NEED that duck!

Stolen poultry and a sex toy? I am SO IN! I'll post the button, and hit paypal.

I PayPal'd you and posted the badge. The duck's cute, but what I really want is that Nexus :)

You should totally appeal to the anti-duck-thieves out there by suggesting that if they buy the little yellow bastard...they can return it to the store from whence it came!!!

Then, all would be right in the world, once again!

Awesome idea.

And that's one ugly fucking duck for $6.95

I think it's unfair as well. Pokemon Shpokemon. I'll call the National Enquirer, if I were you.


Sent a few bucks your way...

Look for my donation, should be there any minute. And I heart you.

Shit, it comes with a toy?! I may just have to buy a ticket or two.

No worries, Alison. I'll just make sure to amend my post to make sure it's clear that I AM THE THIEF and she is not.


I'm not trying to be a party pooper or anything; I don't give a shit if your kid steals toys or not. But, from my understanding the other lady paid for the cards, the kids snuck them in the basket and she ended up paying for them with the rest of the groceries. Anyway, I hope you end up on the radio here, because the stations all suuuuuck!

This is awesome. What a way to start my Monday. :)

I never win anything STIMULATING.

Posted the button. I'll get to paypal later today, I hope. Good Luck!!! Maybe I can clean out the babies room and send the overflow to you :) I don't know what I would do with the stolen duck, most likely go to jail for receiving stolen property!!!

Count me in. I'm heading over to paypal you. :)

That's one cool duck. Who knew they used condoms!

You. Are. The. AWESOMEST.

Thanks Amy.

I think I'm flattered :)

I considered sicking my dad on the Pokemon lady, too, but I figured that she wouldn't react as hilariously as you did. :)

Awesome post for several awesome causes.

That's hilarious. I want to own a stolen duck!

Maybe I can squeeze some money out of our budget somewhere for a few tickets.

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