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October 07, 2007


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Super cute baby!! I went pink on my site for a friend named Jenn. She has 5 kids under the age of 7 and she's stage 4 right now. Thanks for promoting the pink!

Pulling up! Oh man, I can understand the need for the fence.

you're so thoughtful kristen!
i'm honored + thrilled :)
p.s. let him out of the pokey

Ya gotta love "baby jails." (I did!)


You are awesome.

If only I could get my wordpress.com blog to go pink too!

Look at him, hanging on to that gate!

I went pink and I'm hosting a giveaway!


ohhh, I have two of those gates. It is Sammitopia all the way baby!! It is the only way I can contain her. =)

He looks soooo hard done by;)

Love it. Can't figure out how to switch my template, but my heart is pink thru and thru.

My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer back in April. I've been blogging about it since then. You can read about my adventures as a "breast cancer husband" at manersthoughts.blogspot.com.

Diggin' the pink, the pen, and the boy. So cute and contained.

Gotta love the super yard.

I tried a pink background, but it looks super fug. Maybe I can change my post title color and some other text colors to pink. Hmmmm....

Woah, that's not the same little guy I met at BlogHer? How did he get so big?

He is adorable!

I've gone pink...come see!

Ahh if only mine would accept a pen. *sighs*

AHhhhh he stands? Totally cute.

I like the pink. I'll go pink if Blogger will let me. Great idea.

LOL, my pen is currently housing 5 kittens. Same principle, though.

damn. i need one of those things...but it has to have a roof on it because those little suckers can climb. oh...wait..then it would be a cage...is that ok?

He is the cutest thing!!!! I remember loving my pack and play when mine were that age. Them, not so much...

Wait a second, how old is that kid? Mine wasn't standing until he was 12 mos.

Oh, begin another episode of me feeling like my kid is behind. *sigh*

Done. Thank you for reminding everyone.

Love the new pink color background. Cute baby too.

Taught him to say "Warsh" yet?

You gotta enlarge the picture.

And look at his little meat-hook, grabbing onto that fencing!

I want to eat him up.

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