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January 15, 2008


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It`s neither your fault nor your child`s. But since you know that you have kids and something like that might happen anytime, I guess you should have been more careful and mindful of the things you`re using and where to leave them. Your child didn`t know what he`s doing so it`s the parent`s responsibility to keep his child away from harm.

Wow that's a tough one. I don't think that it's necessarily a fault issue. It could be seen from both sides of the fence. If he keeps giving you crap about it just casually tell him, "It could be worse, it could have been the hot curling iron!" (My sister had that really bad experience with her Daughter when her daughter was a toddler!).

It's your fault.

He should not only remove the razor, but he should remember to put it back after your son's bath, so you're not stranded razor-less during your next shower. It's just common courtesy.

:) Eeks. Sorry, but I say your fault. It's the same idea as this, which happened to us last week: I pulled the car in the garage, and later the huz closed the garage door. Whose fault is it that there are major scratches on the car??? After letting it settle in, I am convinced it's mine - shouldn't have to double check behind the cars every time you close the garage... sorry - but it's a GOOD thing that sweetie wasn't hurt! Accidents happen---

yeah, I've been blamed too, and my daughter actually cut herself. Shit happens. He needs to check what HE's doing too. :S

It's the Huz's fault. My own husband knows to remove my razor before he puts the kids in the tub.

Huz should know better and not blame you. He's the one who put them in the tub.

I'm not sure anyone is at fault, but if I HAD to assign blame, I'd go for the Huz because he annoys me in general with his criticisms of you when he should have LOOKED at the tub and taken away the razor. I mean, are you supposed to supervise his every move?

No one's fault. Shit happens. You should have put the razor up, he should have done the safety check. Nobody's perfect.

Uhhh wow he washed the kids? We're going on over a week, and all hubs has to do is fill the tub since they're both old enough (and the daughter showers), ffs.

The Huz has pointed out a few times in the past that you're inept, therefore he should have placed himself on Super Duper Dad Patrol to make sure he secured the area (as Woman With Kids so eloquently put it).
I mean, what would he expect from somebody with no couth?

It's true. You can't catch every little thing around the house. My husband likes to leave his cutting knives dangerously close to the edge of the kitchen counter, where our toddler probably can't reach yet, but when she can...he better get out of that habit is all I'm sayin'.

Dude. Sometimes, most of the time, it doesn't matter who was right or wrong. Trying to figure out blame just wears a person down.

Whoever thought to move the razor should have just moved it. It's not like it weighs a lot. Or like anyone got hurt.

Pointing a finger at you over a razor? So totally not about a razor I don't think.

HAHA, Kathy.

My mom did this same thing when I was five. I sliced the shit out of my leg and still have a scare. You know what? I am not mad at her because it is impossible to be safe all the time. No one was hurt. You won't leave your razor out anymore. Let it go. Your a good mom and a good dad. You didn't hand him the razor.

It's Drew's fault. He should totally know better by now.

i'm not assigning blame in your house, but in mine i am constantly yelling at my husband for leaving his uncapped razor on the sink where our two year old, can and has reached it, and has already been cut by it once. husband said: well where were you, why weren't you watching him?

It's your blog - of course it's not your fault.

BTW - I'm just curious about whether the Huz reads this and all it's comments. Man, if all this $hit was about me - I'd be in the fetal position crying a corner. WAH!!!!!

Oh, please. There isn't any reason to lay blame or to claim fault.

This has nothing to do with a Mach 3.

Kristen, I have some relatives in Little Rock that I need to visit....and, I'm not opposed to flying out to visit said relatives and kicking your hubby's ass for being an anal retentive jerk.


So you pushed that douche bag down the stairs, right? Or at least you really wanted to, right?

I would wish crusty, festering, oozing, butthole sores on him for being such a prick, but then he would probably make you miserable in the process.

What a spineless, ignorant, impotent, douche bag.

Haven't we gone over this before? It is always your fault, no matter what.

Boy, he sure likes to critize you alot.
He was in change, his fault.
If there really is a fault.

No one's fault. After all, the protective cover was on. If he's on bath duty, it's his job to remove it from Drew's hands before he gets hurt. You had the cover on it, so it's not like you were leaving a dangerous weapon out.

My razor sits on the shelf in the shower/bath all the time. Cordy could grab it if she wanted, but whoever is on "duty" is in charge of either moving it out of the way or grabbing it quickly should she reach for it.

You're just bragging that you shaved. Me? Ummm.

The Huz. Totally, he should have done a spot check, and he should have been watching them while in the tub.

Here's how it goes in my house: If I left the razor I on the tub, hubby didn't check, and one of the little ones got it, it's the hubby's fault. If hubby left the razor on the tub and I didn't check, it's hubby's fault. Simple.

No one person is to blame - Don't know why the blame has to be made - parenting is a combined effort.

At least you shaved. I can't say the same. I have actually forgotten to shave one armpit before. That will get a lot of teasing.
I am with ragtopday, shit happens and noone is hurt and you will both be more careful in the future.

I say it is all relative. And he is the relative I would blame.

What irks me is why the need for blame at all? Things happen! It was an accident, and hey, Drew is fine! Let it go!! (but I do love the suggestion to stop shaving and see how that goes over!)

I hate when they do that, blame us for things they need to be on the look out for. I agree with Woman with kids, the person in charge of said children is in charge of safety patrol.

Will I get slammed for assigning equal blame, or was the question rhetorical?

I have done the same thing.

Don't shave for a month or so. See if he's willing to still argue over it then.

And? He's at fault. When you're watching the small child, you're responsible for securing the area.

I don't know who's at fault, but you actually put the protective cap back on the razor?

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