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March 10, 2008


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At least you get to see yours! I don't have a scan until the 4th month?

ummm. your PREGGERS AGAIN?!!!

i'm so out of the loop.


Oh, I just love the manatee stage!

It looks absolutely perfect.

Oh I love those. What a sweet little Beany.

What an adorable mass of differentiated cells!

How lucky you are to have this photo. When I had my first pre-natal ultrasound, the radiology tech took several nice photos and then announced, "Oh, sorry, we're out of printer paper." So I didn't get to take home a print. I was PISSED.

I think you are having a prawn.

That is the cutest little gray blob I have EVER seen!!!!

What a lovely little bean you have growing there. Congratulations!

What an adorable little gray blob!

Oh how precious!
Both my girls looked like in-the-shell peanuts on the first ultrasound, like strange alien looking creatures on the second. So glad they weren't born looking like either!

Greetings, Hathor.

Aw. A cute widdle toe baby. I'm with Christina on the "just one!" thoughts.

At the 12 week u/s for my son Noah, the u/s tech helpfully added the word "boy" with an arrow pointing at his obvious-even-to-us penis.

I wonder if there's a special class in stating the obvious when you go to radiology school?

makes my uterus ache. . . not sure if a 3rd is in the cards for me. Congrats to you!

Looks like a little jelly bean, there. Hope you are feeling better, mama.

What's even better is that she actually MISSPELLED "FETUS" but then caught herself.


Especially since it's the ONLY picture they sent.

I'm assuming they have people call the office to ask what the picture is that was sent in the mail??

I love that the label says, 'Fetus.'

That's a cute little headache-giver.

Gonna have to take your word on the fava bean. Never seen one.

I think fava bean got made famous by Silence of the Lambs, yes?

Not to change the subject...cute big toe you got in there!

Your husband's big toe must be really cute because that little bean is totally awesome looking.


It's been a while since I was here last, Congrats!!!

I remember those first ultrasounds. My first thought was always, "whew, just one!"

And how nice of her to label it "fetus" for you. In case you thought you were looking at your kidney or something.

Well, then your husband has a cute big toe! Congrats on the bean.

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