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July 21, 2008


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I can't believe that I missed the CheeseburgHER party. It was directly across from my room.

Thanks for the kudos! Next year? I'm going spring-load the cards.

Oh HEL-lo. The CheeseburgHer party was busted after FORTY FIVE minutes. And I've come to believe that that's the best part of the party! :D

I never get to hang out with you at BlogHer like I planned. Boo.

I am so embarrassed that I haven't been here sooner to thank you for the award.

Thank you, thank you. I am very honored.


My big head busted the clown nose upon first application and rendered me with a "nose burn" from the strap.
Thanks Feld Entertainment.


Awww ... meeting you was definitely a highlight, Kristen. I only wish we'd had more time to talk! You know, besides here and there on the blogs, every day, in our pajamas. :-)

enjoyed reading your blogher awards round up

it was nice meeting you at blogher

Loved this! But I think I have Jenny beat-at Ruby Skye they had these bundles of two small lollipops tied together with cellophone, Jennster tucked one down my top into my boobs.

It was still there when I got undressed oh, 6 hours later, AFTER I went to the Mighty Haus party. Now THAT is some powerful cleavage!

Loved this, almost as much as I loved the Alphamom suite. Wow, friends and free food? Rock.

I'm so jealous of all of you that go to go to BlogHer this year. I really hope I get to go next year. This year I was in the key time of my IVF cycle. Hopefully I can come next year with a breast pump in tow.

My kids are loving the clown nose. If by loving it's meant that son puts it on, scares the crap out of little sister, who is terrified of clowns. Yep. Pretty much that's how it's going.

Really liked the awards. Though it feels a bit High School Yearbook. And yeah, I wasn't in any of those either. ;oD



A fabulous list!

Although my daughter tried hard for the Vizio bluetooth headset over the clown nose - she's 5 1/2 - she got the clown nose! ;) (and a ton of other stuff...)

I had something witty to say, but I forgot what it was already.

Great to see you again. And Great post!

If you liked Jenny's card dispenser, just wait until you see my hambuger warmer. (I think someone got a shot of it.) AND it got me into a bar that was "too crowded" to let me in. Totally awesome trick.

LOVED this wrap up!

It took me a full day to figure out what the clown nose was. I can has award for stoopid?

I like your list. I have to vote for Grover over Abby, because he's an old favorite, tasted great as a cookie and even better as a cupcake. MMMmmmmm.

Looks like a great time had by all.

Amalah Dramalah. Couldn't help saying it. It was the first thing that popped into my head. And now it won't leave. Eeeek.

*sigh* It's hard for me to defend my award when it's so f-cking accurate.

PS. The clown noses make awesomely hysterical nipple clamps.

PPS. As always, you are adorable and as always I was way to intimidated to just push my way in and make you braid my hair.

Yeah, what exactly was with that lady in Commercial Momosphere? Somebody get the hook.

I'm glad I made it to the cheeseburger party 10 minutes before security.

Had a blast and it was great to meet you in person!

Love the list. Great to meet you and YOU should get a medal for attending Blogher pregnant..and still being nice. You rock.

I'm so pissed off I missed Grover. Grr!!!!

I knew I should have used my cleavage as a dispenser.

Great to meet you in person again - best of luck with your new baby!


The Bloggess thing made me snort water through my nose. Water. Not Schnapps. Sadly.

I so needed a synopsis! What a riot. Where's next year??

The card dispenser reminds me of Molly Ringwald putting on lipstick in the Breakfast Club. I could do that too when I was a 32 DD. Love the list and look forward to getting to BlogHer next year!

hilarious list! (although I did not get a clown nose?)

I'm glad I got a quick second to meet you in person this weekend.

I want to take Isabel and her suite home with me. Also, you.

I am going next year. I want swag!!

How did I miss the clown noses? Also, I'd like to give an award for creepiest drunken elevator predator to vaguely Russian mafia looking dude riding to the 11th floor on Saturday about 4 in the morning. Let's not have him back.

next year I'm coming with my card dispenser...mine's so much better than hers...

Thank you Amanda! I was hoping there'd be a little more rope so that after she hung herself we could beat her with it.

Love this! I'm gonna try Jenny's card holder next year.

Weren't there about three pitches in that session? I thought it was otherwise good and useful.

I just called Kevin to find out how he uploaded his Sesame Street clip. There are some formatting issues with YouTube. He was very nice about me interrupting his actual work to discuss how Grover and I might go viral.

wait, don't i win an award for most ankles bumped by a stroller?

never again, btw. kid is too big to carry around for 3 hours, and it's too crowded for a stroller.

My sister and I hid behind a rack of shoes to stuff our faces with noodles before I was ready to chat and be friendly again. Whew. Low blood sugar.

It was great to see you again!

I thought you handled the pitch thing in your session well, considering many of us were all WTF?

I'm SO sad that I wasn't there to witness all of this in person. My mantra has become "there is always next year". Where will it be next year, anyway?

Hmpf. I didn't even get a chance to win any awards since I didn't go. But whatev. I'm going to hump my new laptop some more.

(It really looks like everyone had an awesome time. Again)

I am filled with jealous rage that I had to miss all of this. Yes, either jealous rage or vodka.

What a great recap. I have to agree about the AlphaMom suite- it was directly across the hall from my room and I took full advantage. And Rocco wasn't half-bad either.


boobages, nipples and clown noses, oh my!

Can "hugging when drunk constantly" be a new category? I think I take that. What, I hugged you like, er, twelve times?

In eight minutes?

Or something?

But really, it was SO lovely to meet you.

you win as the only person who didn't go, "oh, you're so tall!" upon meeting me. probably because we were damn close to eye level and we were standing next to the lovely (but less than tall) lady m.

Nelson from The Simpsons points at Amy: "HA-HA!"

Oh and as if Backpacking Dad is mortified and flustered.

He totally and carefully orchestrated this victory from the start. It was part of his evil mechanations.

You just made a life long dream come true.

I always wanted to be voted as one half of a "Cutest Couple."

Just too bad the other half had to be Backpacking Dad instead of my high school crush Greg, who didn't know I existed.

Still, I'll take the honor and revel in it.


Miss you already friend.

See, my plan is TOTALLY WORKING.

I don't think you missed anything!

Dude, I Liveblogged that Mommyblogger: The Commercial Blogosphere session and it was tough weeding out the blatant PR reps pushing their agenda from the bloggers honestly looking for information.

All the more reasons I am sad I missed it!! LOL!

Sounds like you had a blast!

how did i NOT meet you? maybe it's because i'm a midget and get lost in crowds...

I came home with nary a clown nose or Sesame Street candid. T'was a great time and I thought the 7th inning infomercial during what was truly a great presentation, was handled deftly with Ms. Talky-talkerson being given just enough rope to hang herself, well done Mom 101.

Your contribution and leadership on the "Commercial Momosphere" was excellent. Also, I thought you might blog about the "impromptu presentation" as I could see from your facial expression. (giggle)

Sesame Street did hit it out of the park. My kids freaked when they saw the video. My daughter was asking me endless questions about how to get to SS.

lmfao- brilliant. love this.

I totally have that feeling of having missed out on the cool kids' party. I'll just smile and nod and let everyone assume I was there too.

Haha! Love the card dispenser.

Oh my god! This cracked me the HELL up. Or it mortified me.

I'm just sitting here, mouth agape. Completely flustered :}

We were cute though.

My daughters are in current possession of a VERY expensive and thoughtfully procured clown nose from, um... a very expensive store in um...San Francisco. funny you should mention it.

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